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Master's degree

For admission to the MA course
MA COURSE - great opportunities for your career!
MA COURSE: this is advanced higher education aimed at forming knowledge, skills, and abilities in scientific and pedagogical and scientific research work, at raising the professional level of training, ensuring the obtaining of a master's degree.
WHAT MA COURSE GIVE: upon successful completion of the program, graduates are awarded a master's degree and receive a diploma of an established pattern. The master's diploma attests to high professionalism in the chosen field, gives the right to engage in pedagogical activities, as well as the opportunity for further education in post-graduate course (postgraduate studies).
WHO CAN APPLY FOR MA COURSE: Individuals who have a bachelor's degree (general higher education) and a recommendation from a university for MA course (for those applying in the year of completing their bachelor's degree). If you are interested in pursuing a career in scientific or teaching activities, seeking new opportunities for your career, and want to gain in-depth knowledge from experienced specialists in your field - we welcome you to apply for MA course at our university!
Participate in the competition for advanced higher education in the fields of "Law", "Economics", and "Logistics" in full-time and part-time forms if you have completed a bachelor's degree (general higher education).

For foreign citizens:
Submission of documents: by January 1, 2024.
Interview on knowledge of specialized subjects: as documents are submitted.
Enrollment: by January 15, 2024.


7-06-0421-01 "Jurisprudence":
specialization "Investigative and prosecutorial activities" (part-time) - (full-time/part-time) - 1/1.5 years
specialization "Legal regulation of international activities" (full-time/part-time) - 1/1.5 years
specialization "Legal support of economic activities" (full-time/part-time) - 1/1.5 years

7-06-0412-03 "Logistics"
specialization "Management of transport and logistics systems" (full-time/part-time) - 1/1.5 years

7-06-0311-01 "Economics"
specialization "Economics of enterprises and organizations" (full-time/part-time) - 1/1.5 years.

List of documents required for foreign citizens to enter a master's degree program:

  • Application addressed to the head of the higher education institution in the established form
  • Original document confirming the citizen's receipt of a general higher education (qualification and bachelor's degree), indicating the disciplines studied and the grades received, or an appendix to it
  • Notarized copy of the translation into Russian of the document confirming the citizen's receipt of a general higher education (qualification and bachelor's degree), indicating the disciplines studied and the grades received, or an appendix to it
  • Original passport
  • Notarized copy of the passport translation into Russian (the translation must be made on the territory of the Republic of Belarus)
  • Medical certificate on health status and a certificate of absence of HIV infection issued by an official health authority of the country from which the candidate arrived, valid for no more than 6 months
  • 4 photos sized 3 x 4 cm
  • Certificate of completion of pre-university training at the MITSO faculty of pre-university education for foreign citizens, or a preparatory department, preparatory courses of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus (if such documents exist)

For documents executed in a foreign language, their translation into Russian certified by a notary must be provided simultaneously.

Admission to the MITSO Master's degree is carried out upon positive completion of the applicant's interview with the admissions committee for the relevant subject.
The duration of the Master's degree is 1 year. The academic year lasts from September 1 to June 30. Each of the two semesters ends with an examination session. In winter, there are 14 days of holidays between semesters. At the end of the spring examination session, a professionally oriented practice of 14 days is provided. The form of final certification is the defense of a master's thesis.
The training is conducted in the afternoon.
During their studies, students receive 60 credits. Upon completion of the training, a Master's Degree is awarded.
Master's degree in English.

Master's degree studies provide an opportunity to participate in academic mobility programs with foreign universities.
100% of international students are provided with a hostel.
A master's degree is an opportunity to combine study and scientific work.
There are many opportunities for sports at MITSO International University, there is a sports and recreation complex.
After studying for a master's degree, you can enroll in graduate school and continue your activities in the scientific field.
We are waiting for you in MITSO.


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