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About the Republic of Belarus and the University

Territory of the country covers 207 600 square kilometers. 
National currency is Belarusian rubel (BYN).
Official languages are Belarusian and Russian.
Country population:  9.2 million.
The capital of the country is Minsk.
Administrative division: Belarus is divided into six regions called, which are named after the cities that serve as their administrative centers: Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Minsk, and Vitebsk. Oblasts are divided into regions. The total number of regions is equal to 118 and the total number of administrative centers is equal to 12. Minsk is a separate administrative unit.
Belarus, by constitution, is a presidential republic
Internet domain: BY
Country telephone code: +375
Climate: temperate continental

Belarus is located in Eastern Europe. Our country is of a great importance for development of trade, economic connections and people-to-people ties and international tourism.
Belarus is the country with ancient history, plentiful traditions, wonderful nature, and marvelous architecture. This architecture blends the West European and East European heritage traditions of art of building. Belarus is best known for its forests and lakes, that is why the country is called “the lungs of Europe”.
Belarusian educational system includes several levels: 
•    Basic education (pre-school education, general secondary education, college degree, secondary specialized education, university degree, postgraduate education)
•    Additional supplementary education (additional education for children and for young people, additional education for adults)
•    Special education (for persons with special physical and mental needs)   
There are 50 institutions for higher education that are divided into 2 categories: 42 institutions are state institutions and 8 institutions are private. 

International University MITSO

Higher Education Establishment of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus “International University “MITSO” – one of the oldest university of the Republic of Belarus with its great history, extensive international connections and unique opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment of every student. 
For today, our university suggests wide range of Bachelor’s degree programs, Master’s degree programs, and Postgraduate programs for foreign students. Learning language is Russian. The University suggests wide range of Bachelor’s degree programs in Economy field, law field. The university has branches in Minsk, Gomel and Vitbsk. For today more then 4 600 students from 15 countries are studying there.


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